Want to celebrate a bachelor party in Houston Here is a guide for you

Want to celebrate a bachelor party in Houston  Here is a guide for you

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By most of the people, planning for a bachelor party is considered as an easy task. However, it is not easy at all. It is necessary to find something which can be enjoyed by the groom and his friends equally. It is better to sit down and plan for the party with calm and composed mind while considering about every member in the team and especially the groom since it is a special day for him.

Have fun locally

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Bachelor party can be a weekend extravaganza as well as fun night out. Instead of going out of the city, you can organize something within the town also. It is better to go with something that is fun and active. However, it may not be a thing that is done by almost everyone. Here, some of things that you may enjoy doing within the city of Houston.

Axe Throwing

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Going out with your group of friends, you can enjoy a night of axe throwing. It is certainly unique and interesting. There is a bar for you also that may be perfect for a group.


Dean’s Downtown 300x200

For most, it is an absolute choice. There is no doubt in the fact that it is a little expensive option. However, it may be perfect place for the bride or the groom to celebrate their bachelorhood with friends. Lots of game option can be found here also. It is possible to go for dance at Main Street and Boots ‘n’ Shoots. Some time can be spent with the board game at Dean’s Downtown also.

Piano Bar

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If you like music then Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar can be chosen for the bachelor party. However, you can go to Howl at the Moon for an eventful night. Both bride and groom may able to showcase their talent. Still, there is a chance that they may embarrass themselves also.

Brewery Tour

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In Houston, lots of breweries can be found. So, brewery tour can be enjoyed. If you are at Heights then you can go to Karbach, Eueka Heights and Great Heights Brewery. Inside Downtown, you may get options like 8th Wonder, Under the Radar and Saint Arnold.


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Tips for best places to shop in Houston

Tips for best places to shop in Houston

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In a city like Houston, it is possible to find strip malls at every corner to satisfy the young crowd of this populous city. However, every shopping destination within the city may not be good. Here are some of tips on where you can shop in Houston. The Galleria is certainly one of the most popular choices in the city. However, there are some other options also.

Rice Village

If you are not too fond of crowded malls then you can choose Rice Village Shopping District. In addition to the stores, the location has lots of restaurants and salons also within walking distance. Therefore, issue with the choices may not be seen at all. Brands like Victoria Secret, New York & Co, Refuel and Sephora is also present here along with some amazing and delicious restaurant like Black Walnut Café and Torchy’s Tacos. Due to so much option in a small space, you can easily go on a window shopping.

Rice Village 300x156

The location is pretty close to the Rice University. If you walk about a1 ½ mile then you may find the red line of Metro Rail which is placed at the Hermann Park or Rice U Station. During a sunny day, you can take a stroll with loved ones with oak tree in the surrounding area.

The Heights 19th Street

Being one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Houston, The Height observes a combination of traditional and modern atmosphere with its green area and quality restaurants. However, shopping district can be looked as the pride of The Heights.

The Heights 19th Street 300x201

Shopping in the area like 19th Street is nothing short of a treasure hunt. Lots of second hand shops can be located here too. Therefore, the location certainly comes with its own share of funk. From costumes of eccentric nature to vintage boot can be found here quite easily. Through boutiques, you may able to get handicraft made with ceramics and decors of bohemian nature. If you want to take rest for a little bit then there are lots of restaurants and cafes around.

River Oaks Shopping Center

River Oaks Shopping Center 300x195

Over 75 stores can be found within the River Oaks Shopping Center. It is sprawled over almost four blocks. In addition to stores, lots of restaurants can be found here too. In terms of architecture, the location is pretty stylish. Later on, some modern attributes have been added to the place also. You can easily meander through the shops.

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Real Estate Forecast for Houston Market 2019

Real Estate Forecast for Houston Market 2019

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Real estate market in Texas has been going through a slump for over a decade now. However, Houston real estate market has stayed quite constant in spite of issues in the surrounding areas. Sometime back, influences on Houston real estate has not been noticed due to up and down with housing cycles around. Right now, Houston has been keeping up pace with the national average. If you look at the appreciation rate of Houston then you may find that it is little more than national rate. Therefore, Houston has become favorites for the home buyers. Investors have been putting a lot of money in the real estate business also. Some investors from overseas market may be thinking about investing money here in future also.

Therefore, prices of the house may be enhanced further in coming days. By looking at the chain of demand and supply, experts have been saying that prices of median homes may increase from 4% to 6%.

2019 Forecast for Housing Market


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In the last one year, prices of house has enhanced by almost 7%. It may continue with its upward rise in 2019 and 2020 also. However, the pace may be a little less than last year. So, by the end of 2019, house price is predicted to increase by 4%

Prices of Average may increase about $300,000

Limited Housing Inventory 300x161

Based on the reports of Houston Association of Realtor in 2019, price of average home has increased by $306,314 in 2018 December. It is an enhancement of 4.7% in comparison to previous year.

Single family home price of median range has raised over 3.4% and stood at $240,000 in the month of December

Limited Housing Inventory

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Prediction suggests that the price may enhance in future too. Supply of the house holds a major importance here. In comparison to the demands from the buyers, inventory list has a shortage till now in Houston.

During 2018 end, supply has been about 3.6 month in Houston. According to the experts, 5-6 month supply is noticed in case of balanced real estate market. So, there is still some tightness in the Houston market especially if you look at the inventory.

However, similar kind of tightness cannot be found in other areas of Texas. Supply in the housing market has been less in the places like Austin, San Antonio and Dallas also than Houston. Still, demand for Houston home is more than others. As a result, an upward trend with house price can be seen naturally in Houston.

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Places you can go with your dogs in Houston

Places you can go with your dogs in Houston

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If you are worried about the fact that you cannot take your favoutite pet anywhere then we have a solution for you. There are some amazing places that you can go with your dogs. Over the years, these parks, restaurants and bars have gained its reputation as pet friendly places. Here is a list of places that you can walk in with your dog.

Bar Boheme

From this location, you may get a cozy vibe. However, it comes with a patio garden of spacious nature where you can play with your beloved pet. For your pet, it is certainly unique alternative to strolling in parks. It is possible to hang out in front porch and yard also.

Bar Boheme 300x172

As far as menu is concerned, cuisine from all over the world can be enjoyed here. There are tons of options when it comes to drinks also. For both owner and the pet, it may seem like a mini vacation. Every Thursday, an event called ‘Cultured Cocktails’ is arranged. So, you should definitely check the calendar before going to Bar Boheme.

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

Liberty Kitchen Oysterette 300x200

For people who have been looking for a flavorful experience can come to this local eatery which is considered as the best place to enjoy sea food. In addition, you can also get options like mussels, fish, oysters, clams, fish, sashimi and sushi along with different kinds of greens, meats and sweets. So, you may have a memorable meal with your four legged friend.


Barnaby’s 300x133

Barnaby’s is a café that has a mascot of sheepdog. So, it definitely shows that the café is pet friendly. For a relaxing morning, you can go to Baby Barnby’s and enjoy yourself on the porch of the place. They have menus like pancakes and eggs. However, you can get lasagna, steak and salad too. Casual atmosphere of the location must be appreciated by your pooch.

Danny Jackson Family Dog Park

Danny Jackson Family Dog Park 300x213

Several parks are here in Houston for the purpose of dog strolling.  For regular exercise of beloved bet, you can go to Danny Jackson Family Dog Park. However, some other worthy mention can be Bay Area Dog Park and Millie Bush Dog Park. Most of these parks are sprawled over a huge area.

Rummy’s Beach Club

Rummy’s Beach Club 300x169

Yes, one of the special swimming clubs for your favourite pet is made in Houston which comes with the name Rummy’s Beach Club. It offers a warm pool to the dogs. In addition, there is a private park for dog which enables you to play with them for hours. Complete cover on the pool can be noticed during the winter. Therefore, it is possible to swim in them every season.

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Houston Spots to quench your thirst in Summer

Houston Spots to quench your thirst in Summer

During summer heat in Houston, it may be a little challenging to quench your thirst through the water. On occasion, you may be looking for something delicious and refreshing to drink. So, you can try some smoothies as well as some cocktails in the local cafes and pubs. They may present you most pleasant drink to beat the summer heat.

Houston Spots to quench your thirst in Summer 300x200

Scene of craft beer in Houston has been gaining popularity in recent times. It seems that more joints for drinking may be opened in the future. Here are some of our favorite places in Houston to deal with hot summer days.

Karbach Brewing Co – Quench Your Thirst

Karbach Brewing Co 300x75

Owner of this brewery has been associated with the distribution of beer in the past. Since Karbach has opened in the year 2011, it has seen significant growth. Some new choices are given to the beer lovers in 2015 with the beer garden and innovative drinks. There is also a restaurant which uses Karbach brew for the preparation of their food items. Events are also organized to entertain the customer further. Weiss Versa, which is a wheat beer, is the most popular choice here. However, you can also try the Rodeo Clown Double IPA. So, let’s enjoy a citrusy brew from Karbach.

Quench Your Thirst Cuchara Style

cuchara 300x113

Cuchara welcomes you with its 66 seats front patio that is placed in Montrose area with its array of cocktails and Mexican drinks. A Bandido cocktail which has a base of sotol is one of the trendiest drinks from this location. If you do not try this while staying in Houston, then it may be completely your loss. It is a drink that has come from the Southern border of the location. Level of alcohol is at the minimum concentration on the occasion. However, the nutty flavor of the drink is enjoyed most. Chia seed and lemon juice are added to the drink as well to make more delicious.

Houston Homes For Sale

Quench Your Thirst At Etoile Cuisine Et Bar

Etoile Cuisine Et Bar 300x200

Through this French restaurant of upscale nature, you may get a cozy atmosphere that is sprawled over 600sq ft with a front patio. The location can welcome 66 people at a time. Therefore, it can be a perfect place to spend time with your friends with a drink in hand. The outdoor view may be able to refresh your mind as well.

Cocktails menu of the bar has improved lately to give more importance to the spirits such as absinthe, whiskey, and pastis. It is possible to get champagne, lager, and soda here too.

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Best Spas in Houston to relax your body and mind

Best Spas in Houston to relax your body and mind

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Trend of self care has been ruling the world for some time now. Through a spa treatment, it is possible to relax your body and mind. Due to stress of everyday life, it has become really important to give some time to yourself. By looking at the range of spas in Houston, you may be stunned. If you are in the mood to pamper yourself then you can certainly go in to one of these following spas in Houston.

Heights Massage Day Spa

Heights Massage Day Spa 300x160

In Houston, Heights Massage Day Spa is considered as one of the best places to relax you.  Some additional services like massage therapy, waxing, facial, airbrush tanning, endermologie and skin care are available also. Deep tissue within the body is relaxed. Special treatment is given as pre natal care, treatment of sports injury, pain relief and massage with hot stone. It is possible to go for the spa treatment alone or in groups.

Endermologie is a cellulite treatment of non-invasive nature. It can be considered as the best possible way to deal dimples and bumps on legs. Sagging of abdominal and issue with love handle can be treated in the process too. Massage therapists are all certified here. Therefore, you do not have worry about anything at all. Some estheticians can be found here too for your help.

Za Spa inside Hotel ZaZa

Za Spa inside Hotel ZaZa 300x200

Inside Hotel ZaZa, Za Spa can be found that is located in Memorial City. Through the hotel, you may get a vibe of wander lust. At Za Spa, a sensory experience is offered that is unparallel. It is possible to get an escape from stress and tension completely. Holistic tradition is combined with modern techniques to offer best possible results. Sometimes, special spa treatment is prepared according to the requirement of clients. High quality technology is utilized when it comes to skin care.

Through Bella Vita Facial, skin can be refined and made party perfect. On the occasion, use of micro current technology is seen. To make the skin brighter and firmer further, Argan Oil and Vitamin C is also used. Presence of wrinkles on the skin can be reduced also. It is spa that is especially known for its ‘Morning after Scrub and Wrap’. There is also seaweed wrap for detoxification and scrub with sea salt.

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Best Neighborhood for biking and hiking in Houston

Best Neighborhood for biking and hiking in Houston

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Houston is one of the most populous cities in USA. However, a lot of public land can be noticed in the region also. According to the statistics, green space within the city is about 52,000 acres. So, it offers about 23.6 acres of land to 1000 residents which are more than national average.  Over the years, several projects have been taken by the local authority to ensure more greenery in the location. In the future also, more importance may be given on the maintenance of park and increasing the number of trails. Activities like biking may be promoted too.

Through Bayou Greenways, it is promised to add 3000 acres of green space within 2020. There is no doubt in the fact that it is an ambitious project.

For an active lifestyle, biking and hiking is a must. Through biking, transportation system can be made more dynamic as traffic is major issue in the area. Through future projects, authority has been trying to reduce problems as much as possible.

If you want to go for biking and hiking then you can choose following places for an excellent result.

Buffalo Bayou Hike and Bike Trail

Buffalo Bayou Hike and Bike Trail 300x225

In the trail system around Buffalo Bayou Hike and Bike Trail, you may able to see fountain, skyline, bridges, pedestrian and also waterfalls. Separate lanes have been created for the bikers and joggers. It can be looked as an oasis that can be found at the western part of the downtown. Five loops can be seen with Buffalo Bayou Hike and Bike Trail that comes with cemented path. If you are thinking about beginning a bike ride as a form of exercise then it can be looked as the best place. Some hilly areas can be observed too while riding the bike along unique collection of flora. Challenges can be increased further through a combination of bike and hike trail.

White Oak Bayou Greenway

White Oak Bayou Greenway 300x211

One of the latest trail, bike and snaking track is White Oak Bayou Greenway that comes with its cemented way. Coming from T.C Jester, it goes towards The Heights which is placed in the outer loop. It is a trail of about 15 miles of uninterrupted path. Clutter of pedestrian cannot be seen in this path at all which is great. White Oak Bayou Greenway has a connection with the Heights Hike and Bike Trail.

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How Feng Shui Can Benefit Your Home

Feng shui tips

How feng shui can benefit your home!

Feng Shui is ancient art and science formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. Feng means “wind” Shui means “water.”  Wind and water are connected with good health in Chinese culture, which means good fortune. It contains multiple elements of various branches. A scholarly study, physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology. Meaning the land is alive and filled with energy (chi).

5 Elements!

Feng Shui consists of 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element is represented by different colors that help bring out the harmony into individual spaces.

Choosing a wall paint color, furniture or even accessories can affect the flow of energy into your home. Bringing the harmony of feng shui into your home can potentially increase the value of your house’s selling price.

Here are some tips on creating feng shui in your home.

Slow Down The Energy Flow –

If there is a direct line from the front door to the back, it means the energy(chi) is blowing straight through the house too fast, flying directly out the back door. You want the energy to move gracefully around the home evenly. The solution to slow this down if you have this situation put down a patterned rug on the floor, artwork, or a round table in the entry area.

Keep clutter clear –

Having clutter in your home creates an anchor that impedes great things from unfolding in our lives that can weight us down emotionally. The solution has the right organizational systems placed for everything in your life. From recycling. Paying bills and a designated spot for your keys. Doing this will make you feel lighter and more efficient.

Keep The Path To the Front Entry Clear –

Your front door is significant in feng shui, this is the leading portal through what energy enters into your home. Make sure your entryway outside is clearly lit and well marked with the address. Not having this can make you feel like your up against a wall. The solution to this is to hang a mirror in the entry.

Giving Your Guest A Reason To Pause –

Energy enters through the main portal. You do not want the energy shoot directly upstairs. The solution is to slow the energy down by adding artwork, stair runner that will cause you to pause.

Balance Five Elements –

The five elements can physically or symbolically presented in your home. The solution is to carefully look at the elements showing up in your home. They can cause an imbalance in your emotional life.

Max Natural Light –

Natural light creates us to feel happier and confident. The solution is if you do not have natural light throughout your home you can hang a mirror, but make sure it reflects more light. Re-balancing Kitchen Workstation – Having the stove across from the sink can cause conflict. That is why most experts suggest a triangular setup. Having fire across from water will just put out the fire. The solution place a wood element between your sink and stove. The water will feed the wood and wood will feed the fire. In this case, the wood will act like a mitigating element. Wood also presented as the color green.
feng shui colour wheel grande 122127dc a6f0 4a7c be5b 65a300f57c72



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