Where to try best wine in Houston

Where to try best wine in Houston

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The rapid evolution of wine can be noticed across Houston.  However, the scene has changed a bit due to the arrival of some young sommeliers who have tried to make the place more vibrant with more choices when it comes to wine. Therefore, new places have been opening to push the boundary even further. From traditional choices of wines to wines of avant-garde nature can be found in Houston easily. Therefore, you may not be disappointed at all. Through the following choices of best wines in town, you may be able to know how the wine scene became so diverse in recent years.

Camerata at Paulie’s

Camerata at Paulie’s is one of the cherished places since it is tough to get a place of bucatini Amatriciana in any other places in Houston at a mere $10. So, you can certainly understand the attraction of this location. The wine list has been created by David Keck, who has been acknowledged as the best sommeliers in the area. Strength of Camerata is its expertise with ideal choices. However, they have a critical eye on the modernity at the same time. In addition to the meetings for the Sommeliers association, the study group is also organized here to disseminate knowledge about wine among the professionals and interested customers.

Camerata at Paulie’s 300x200

Bar food is excellent here along with its wine choices. Markups for wine are really low. So, you do not have to worry at all to enjoy a glass of wine. In addition, craft beer can be found here too. If you cannot decide what to drink then you can always go with Syrah. Blind tasting can be enjoyed at Camerata on Sundays by the public. By guessing the wine correctly, you may enjoy some discounts also.


Plonk 300x300

In the list of top wine bars of Houston, you must find the name of Plonk. The Burger is one of the attractions of this bar. It is believed that bacon cheeseburger has been created for the first time here. Therefore, you may be drawn towards this bar almost unknowingly. It has a wine bar of relaxed and chic nature. Gruyere cheese generally melts within the buttery bun in order to make it more delicious. In addition, there are options like mussels and Pizza also that is cooked over the stone oven. Most of the people think that wine and burger do not complement each other. However, you may be proved wrong by coming here and trying it yourself.


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Want to celebrate a bachelor party in Houston Here is a guide for you

Want to celebrate a bachelor party in Houston  Here is a guide for you

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By most of the people, planning for a bachelor party is considered as an easy task. However, it is not easy at all. It is necessary to find something which can be enjoyed by the groom and his friends equally. It is better to sit down and plan for the party with calm and composed mind while considering about every member in the team and especially the groom since it is a special day for him.

Have fun locally

Have fun locally 300x200

Bachelor party can be a weekend extravaganza as well as fun night out. Instead of going out of the city, you can organize something within the town also. It is better to go with something that is fun and active. However, it may not be a thing that is done by almost everyone. Here, some of things that you may enjoy doing within the city of Houston.

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing 300x200

Going out with your group of friends, you can enjoy a night of axe throwing. It is certainly unique and interesting. There is a bar for you also that may be perfect for a group.


Dean’s Downtown 300x200

For most, it is an absolute choice. There is no doubt in the fact that it is a little expensive option. However, it may be perfect place for the bride or the groom to celebrate their bachelorhood with friends. Lots of game option can be found here also. It is possible to go for dance at Main Street and Boots ‘n’ Shoots. Some time can be spent with the board game at Dean’s Downtown also.

Piano Bar

Piano Bar 300x200

If you like music then Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar can be chosen for the bachelor party. However, you can go to Howl at the Moon for an eventful night. Both bride and groom may able to showcase their talent. Still, there is a chance that they may embarrass themselves also.

Brewery Tour

Brewery Tour 300x200

In Houston, lots of breweries can be found. So, brewery tour can be enjoyed. If you are at Heights then you can go to Karbach, Eueka Heights and Great Heights Brewery. Inside Downtown, you may get options like 8th Wonder, Under the Radar and Saint Arnold.


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Enjoy the Texas Tequila and Music Festival with discounts

Enjoy the Texas Tequila and Music Festival with discounts

Enjoy the Texas Taco Tequila and Music Festival1 300x169


Summer fiesta is starting on 8th June with the Texas Taco, Tequila and Music Festival at the Preservation Park in Old Town Spring. People of Texas are known for their love of taco, tequila and also music. Therefore, this festival gives them a chance to enjoy their fullest while summer breeze is present in the air.

About 30 vendors from all over the state will be coming together for this festival. There will be also music non-stop at the arena where bands like The Suffers, Los Skarnales and Baby Bash will perform. If you like to get something more than tequila then margaritas will be presented to you. In addition, there will be Lucha Libre wrestling area, boutique area, art arena and kid’s zone for your optimum enjoyment.

During this event, taco vendors from all over Texas will come here which includes well known names like Dos Papis Tacos, Tila’s Taco Truck, Tequeria Licha and Reyna’s Taco. Following to a treat of appetizing taco, you can try some desserts too in order to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is possible to get some shaved ice and funnel cake too. In between the musical performances, it may able to offer some respite from sultry summer and exhaustion from dance. The musical event has been divided in to two parts for your convenience. For the kids, it is certainly a great opportunity to enjoy.

Most of the people are excited about the band like Houston natives called The Suffers which is also looked as a soul band from Gold Coast in addition to performance of rapper named Baby Bash. It is possible to locate in an excess of ten bands in the arena. Among which, we must mention about Santana Tributes and Selena.

Tequila shots cannot be forgotten in the midst of performance. Sip of Margarita can be taken whether it is frozen or raw. So, you can definitely enjoy your loved drinks while walking through the park during the event. Shoppers may love the boutiques and craft shop from artisans also.

Fun is not limited to the adults here; kids may love the place also. Free zone especially for the kids has been organized where they may become busy with fun rides and games. Lucha Libre wrestling is expected to be enjoyed by the young adults especially.

So, at Texas Taco, Tequila and Music Festival, we have something for everyone. Tickets for the festival are sold at $10. However, you can get 50% from some websites.



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Best Romantic Things to Do in Houston

Best Romantic Things to Do in Houston

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Have you been searching for the best places to go and spent time with your partner in Houston? Some great options can be found in the city even if your single friends do not agree with you. If the weather is good enough then you can stay on the patio.

For those couple who are still finding it difficult to locate a place for them, we are here to help. In order to stay ahead with your romance game, it is important to look for affordable yet interesting activities.

If you are looking for a date spot that is cozy to improve your romantic life then following ideas may able to ignite passion within you further. From the list below, you can choose single or multiple things according to your preference.

Go for a bike ride in the farmers market

Go for a bike ride in the farmers market 300x169

During the tour, you may bond on your love for food especially local produce and homemade jams. In couple of hours, you may able to look into few farmers markets. However, you must remember the fact that you are expected to sweat profusely at the time of 15 mile ride on a bike. Therefore, stops can be taken in between to avoid it. Later on, you can ride through the Bayou City Outdoors area also.

Dance together at Goodnight Charlie’s

Dance together at Goodnight Charlie’s 300x200

From Thursday to Saturday, musical acts are seen at the brand new Goodnight Charlie’s. It is possible to enjoy from country music to Americana, Zydeco or Bluegrass here. Even if you are not a great dancer then late night bourbon with cheesesteak taco may able to impress your date.

Look at the beautiful butterflies at The Cockrell Butterfly Center

Look at the beautiful butterflies at The Cockrell Butterfly Center 1


Inside the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, you can locate the Cockrell Butterfly Center which may open your eyes to the incredible world of butterflies and other types of insect. Both exhibits and displays of these beautiful butterflies may fascinate your date

50 foot glass structure of waterfall can be noticed at The Rainforest Conservatory which is surrounded by exotic plants and butterflies. It is a place which is very popular. If you are a nature lover as a couple then it may be a perfect location for a date.

Air Balloon Ride

Air Balloon Ride 300x180

Through a ride in hot air balloon, you can reach to a new height when it comes to relationship. It can be looked as one of the best places to propose your beloved. However, you can go for a ride just to enjoy a sunrise or sunset also. Thrill of looking through the cloud is especially inexplicable.

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Why should you choose Houston for luxurious living?

Why should you choose Houston for luxurious living?


Houston for luxurious living 300x201


Some of the residents in Houston may want to live a luxurious life. However, it is certainly not easy to select a perfect apartment with all the luxurious features according to your budget. Properties placed at the prime locations are always high in price. Inflation can be observed with rental rates also. In order to ensure a luxurious living in Houston, you may need to pay a premium price which is quite natural. Still, there is certainly a limit which can be paid as a rent every month. It is believed that if you are spending 35% of your earning for a house then it must be changed.

Hines Somerset Green 300x169

Here are some of the things you can give preference while looking for a luxurious living option in Houston. It is better to have unlimited access to the saunas and indoor pool in addition to the gyms and garden. It is certainly advantageous that you do not have to travel anymore in order to exercise at the nearby local gym. By a quick stroll, you can reach your gym within the block of the luxury apartment. High-quality equipment is a must-have.

luxury apartment 300x200

Parking facility underground may be one of the best reasons to choose luxury apartments in Houston. In order to commute to work, you can easily get your car from the parking lot beside your house. In addition, the security facility is expected to be top notch at the same time with 24X7 vigilance and CCTV cameras.

luxury apartments in Houston 300x200

Communal areas with these luxurious apartment blocks can be found also and it is maintained in a perfect manner. By coming back from work, you may able to find everything in its place. Most of the luxurious apartments can be found in the Alexan area. Therefore, you can try the location. Due to these luxurious features, you may not feel angry to spent little bit of extra money. It is always better to get a place which is safe and secured.

Instead of renting a property, it is always better to buy a house. Real estate property is a good investment.

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Top Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area

Top Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area

Top Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area 300x149

If you decide to move to Houston for your job or some other reasons then you have lots of options. In case you are a resident of Houston even then you can look at these options for better living. In addition to the city center, there is a greater Houston area also which can be looked at. Different types of communities can be found. Here is a list of top neighborhoods in the greater Houston area.

Memorial – Top Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area

Harris Country. 300x200

In Houston, Texas Memorial is a neighborhood which holds a population of about 53,895. The location is a part of Harris Country. Since it is considered as one of the best places to live in the greater Houston area. So, you can easily look for your new house here. It is possible to enjoy urban living at Memorial. In addition to the residential area, you may able to enjoy the benefits of restaurants, bars, café, and parks also. People living here have a liberal mindset. Public schools are quite high in terms of quality. Therefore, you need not worry about studies of your children following a move at all. Value of Median house is about $500,923. In case, you are thinking about renting a place then it can be around $1,311.

The Woodlands Top Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area

Neighborhood of The Woodlands 300x174

Neighborhood of The Woodlands is known as a relaxed community area. It falls under the Montgomery Country. According to its name, the place is surrounded by parks, trails, and forests. Therefore, you can certainly observe a cover of lush green here. In the last few years, The Woodlands has gained its popularity. Some of the major corporations’ headquarters are placed here such as Anadarko, ExxonMobil and Phillips Chemicals. Some luxurious options can be found when it comes to houses. An educational institution with top notch quality has made the place worthwhile to live also. Therefore, employees of these large conglomerates have decided to stay at this place.

Second Ward Top Neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area

Hispanic neighborhood 300x169

Home value in this area is about $340,000 (average). On the east side of this locale, you may find Buffalo Bayou. It is generally known as Segundo Barrio neighborhood which has gone through renovations over the years. As a result, new buildings have come up with their attraction. The area has been developed to ensure better living. Old houses have been altered to look like modern townhomes. Some parks have been added to the area also. In the coming year, some more may be added.

Houston Homes For Sale

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Things to do in Houston Theatre District

Things to do in Houston Theatre District


Houston Museum is very popular. However, you should not forget about the Theatre District. Performing arts have blossomed in the area over the years. It is a place where you can see permanent companies for art disciplines like theatre, ballet, music and opera even today. The location has been created over a century ago and developed over the years. One of the oldest names in the theatre arena of Texas is Houston Symphony. It is not possible to forget the fact that The Houston is the 4th largest groups in the USA.

Houston Theatre District 300x200

In terms of cultural experience, Houston is quite close to New York City. Downtown area of Houston has tons of theatres. Therefore, lot of entertainment quotient can be found from this single location. Houston theatre district has some amazing architecture also. Therefore, you can discover some amazing art works while walking though the area.

What to Do?

Inside the theatre district, there are in an excess of 500 companies which have been working in the field of performing and visual arts. Some special musical events are organized by Houston Symphony Company. If you are ardent lover of music then you must visit the place for an amazing musical night. At the Hobby Center, you can see Broadway and Theatre Under the Stars. Both of them are known for offering musicals. In the weekends, performance from Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet can be observed. There is also Alley Theatre when live stage is created for performances. On the occasion, both contemporary and classical plays are staged.

Houston Symphony Company 254x300

If you are travelling with a kid then Houston Downtown Aquarium can be visited which is placed opposite to the Buffalo Bayou. It features lots of aquatic animals. In this place, you can also locate shark tunnel and white tigers. For enjoyment of kids, there are some games and rides too.

Where Should You Go?

On the north side, Houston Downtown theatre District is placed. Major performance can be explored within walking distance. By the Alley Theatre, performance is given all around the year.

Houston Downtown theatre 300x167

In Jones Hall, you can observe performance from Huston Symphony. For the operas and ballets, you have to go to The Wortham Theatre Centre. Some of touring shows from Broadway is featured at the Hobby Center for Performing Arts.

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Small Town Texas Rodeos that you can enjoy

Small Town Texas Rodeos that you can enjoy

Small Town Texas Rodeos 300x225

In Texas, rodeo is a tradition that has been loved by the people for a very long time. Therefore, you must celebrate the heritage of Texas by visiting a rodeo show. It also ensures a good time with your friends. For the largest rodeo shows, you may notice almost two million spectators every year. One of the oldest rodeo shows in Texas is The Fort William as it has been established in 1896 in a historic place called Fort Worth stockyard. Incredible shows are arranged by them every year. Bravery of the horsemen must be applauded here. If you want to experience the true spirit of Texas then you must watch a rodeo show.

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo 300x197

As one of the oldest livestock show, The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has gained more respect and popularity among the viewers. The show is organized from the year 1896. Traditional styled performances are offered along with some offbeat tricks. Some of the rodeo performers may not belong to the ranch. However, they are amazing artists without any doubt.

Big Bend Ranch Rodeo – Alpine

Big Bend Ranch Rodeo – Alpine 300x200

Rodeo show is arranged between 12th August and 13th August inside the Sul Ross University Arena. For a complete Texan experience, you must visit the rodeo in Alpine. Sanctioning for the show is generally done by Working Ranch Cowboys Association. Real cowboys perform here to showcase their skills in front of large gathering.

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo 300x200

One of the most popular rodeos in the area is San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo which has started in 1949. Even today, San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo records almost 2 million viewers every year. Some competitive events are arranged here too. On the occasion, categories like bull riding, steer wrestling, bareback riding, barrel racing, tie down racing and saddle bronc riding can be witnessed. So, it will be a thrilling experience for the viewers.

Some special events are also there for kids between 4 to 7 years where they have to ride on a sheep for about 6 seconds. It is called Mutton Bustin event. There is also a Horse Education Center. Through this center, advice is given to the owners and riders on how to take care of horses. Information about different breeds of horses is offered too.

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Houston – Best places to visit for the art lovers

Houston 300x98

From outside, Houston may seem like a concrete jungle. However, it may not be true at all. The city has a very artistic side also which may appeal to the art lovers. Some of the world class museums for arts are placed in the city. Some time, personal collections are showcased in the galleries also. Some more colors are added to the character of Houston though art festivals and graffiti. Cultural experience offered by the city is quite unique and unparallel. Let’s discover about the art experiences that you can enjoy here.

Museum District

In case you are staying in Houston, Texas for a long weekend then you can easily explore museum district of the city. It is an area where you can walk without any hassle.

  • Museum of Fine Arts

Couple of buildings have been clubbed together to create the Museum of Fine Arts. It is a place that will be certainly enjoyed by the art connoisseurs. For the paintings from Post Impressionist and Impressionist era, you have to go to the Beck Building. There is a collection of art work from Europe too.

Museum of Fine Arts 300x196

On the other hand, Weiss Law Building offers artwork of 20th Century which includes artists like Andy Warhol, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollack and Donald Judd. The pavilion has been designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. Some old artwork from Asia, Oceania and Africa can be found here too.

There is also Menil Collection and Rice Gallery nearby.

Rothko Chapel

Rothko Chapel 300x200

Build in the year 1972, Rothko Chapel has been founded by John de Menil. It can be looked as an intimate location that has been created for the people with diverse kinds of belief. The location enjoys more than 60,000 visitors every year. Inside the building, some modern arts can be seen. Shape of the building is octagonal which is very interesting. The location also holds 14 paintings of Mark Rothko.

Historic art at Texas Capitol

Historic art at Texas Capitol 300x191

Over 300 paintings and 150 art works in addition to 15 monuments and 30 sculptures can be located here. Therefore, it can be looked as the perfect place for the art lovers. Even the Capitol building can be looked as an art work. Several portraits can be found that depicts the battle scenes. There are also some landscape paintings which are really lovely.  The location is open every day of the week. However, you must look at the time before visiting there.

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Guide for Nightclubs in Houston

Guide for Nightclubs in Houston

Nightclub Florence 1000 300x200


It’s not possible to have a hard time when it comes to nightlife in Houston. Some of the best night clubs are located here which is capable enough to lift your spirits almost immediately. Several nightlife districts can be located here too. These are placed in Midtown, Downtown, Montrose as well as Rice Village. Now, let’s explore the options of best nightclubs in Houston.


Numbers 300x165

For a really long time, Numbers have been entertaining the nightlife lovers with its energetic ambience. It is a vast dance club with the facility of video. Some of the best bands perform here. Through the video screen, dance video is screened all over the place. In Fridays, 80s theme is followed and draft beer is served for utmost enjoyment in mere 50c. If you want to relax for a bit then there is a seating area upstairs that opens at the dance floor.


Grooves 300x169

At the downtown, you can find Grooves Restaurant and Lounge. It has become a staple in area by serving the people for over a decade. It is place where you may able to locate business executives as well as politicians. Being a versatile venue, it makes place for the regular folks also. It is the best place whether you are a fan of live band, DJ or old school songs. Through groovy music, you may be energized to stay on your feet all night. To calm your hunger, some finger recipes and amazing cocktails are served also.

Etro Lounge

Etro Lounge 300x225

Etro Lounge is the best place for the people who love Beastie Boys’ song called Brass monkey. It is a club that has been largely inspired by 80s. Therefore, it offers a throwback of indie, retro and hip-hop music especially. Through the atmosphere, you may able to get an arcade game feel as it is decorated with TV screens and seating option of red vinyl. Starting from 9pm, the club is run till 2am in the night.


Belvedre 300x114

To hangout in Belvedre, you have to dress in impressive manner. It is a glamorous venue that offers intimate seating. Different ranges spirits, wines and beer are served according to your taste. Every Thursday, a salsa night is arranged for the dance lovers. Length of bar is spread from the front to back. There are some couches around the place also.

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