Master Planned Communities

Cross Creek Ranch Master Planned Community 1

What Is A Master Planned Community

A master-planned community (MPC) is a community that is developed from scratch instead of one that grows more organically. The developer buys the land, develops it, and then sells the homes and amenities to consumers. You may be thinking, “This is a subdivision!” MPCs differ from older subdivisions because they offer homeowners amenities and commercial services. 

Community Activities

Older adults can participate in a wide range of recreational activities in these active adult communities, which have popped up throughout the country, especially in Florida, Arizona, and Texas. They are specifically catering to the needs and lifestyles of a specific target consumer. Everything within the master-planned community is designed to cater to their particular needs and lifestyles. 

The Developer

Typically, a developer acquires a large tract of land to support a small city. Why not choose something that is already close to a town? Unfortunately, large tracts of land close to urban amenities to small for the builder’s needs. 

Convenient Living With Amenities 

Residents want to live in convenient locations with amenities, shops, and services close by. Walkability is especially important to homebuyers in a neighborhood. MPCs that resemble small cities allow residents to work, live, and play in a self-created community. Must have checklist for buying a new home.

Why Do Some Home Buyers Prefer MPCs


1. Security

Families interested in MPCs are drawn to gated communities with amenities that can be shared among the community, as they provide enhanced security. As a result, this is one of the primary draws. 

2. Resale Value

Above all the main purpose of an HOA is to protect a home’s resale value. Maintaining uniformity and enforcing routine maintenance, while annoying to independent-minded homeowners, are considered important in preserving the character of planned communities. 

Master Planned Communities Are Evolving Like Cross Creek Ranch

MPCs are adapting to fulfill the ongoing demands of their future customers. MPCs are not simply for retirees anymore, as super specialized markets and multigenerational needs play an essential role in the future.