Why Sell With Terra Point Realty

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Selling your home is a significant decision. We treat this decision very seriously. Once you place your confidence and trust in our real estate professional, we take it from there to sell your home for the best possible price in a most reasonable amount of time. You will receive a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) from your real estate associate – showing recent homes’ sales with similar conditions and features and a recommended list price range.

Advertising plays an essential role in generating interest – and we commit more advertising dollars to sell your property. Between our Web-based ads, direct mail ads, and video advertising, your home has a higher chance of being sold for the most money.

Also, our full-time agents can provide insights from years of experience in selling homes. From suggestions on staging to property improvements that will help make your home more desirable and create that wow factor, we’ll do all we can to present your home in its best light.

Terra Point Realty Marketing Your Home

It’s easy to use a website to list a home for sale, but posting to a website doesn’t necessarily mean you’re finished marketing a property for sale.  

Your listing reaches one online audience, those browsing homes for sale in your zip code. Meanwhile, a real estate agent has lists of buyer leads, a targeted email database, social media followers, newsletter subscribers, and other agents’ networks with the same tools. Most agents have wide access to a broad, targeted buyer audience that those selling homes on their own can’t quickly or easily achieve.

Terra Point Realty Local Expertise

When you’re about to put your home on the market, you’ll likely think about making some home improvements so that you can put your house’s best foot forward. But what improvements should you do? You can watch TV shows and learn that you should paint your walls a neutral color and de-clutter a home. But what else do you need to do to sell your home quickly and for top dollar?

Our Agents who have experience in your neighborhood are familiar with the features of other homes that sell in the area. If your home is among the very few without granite countertops or a finished basement or a patio, our real estate expert will let you know what your home needs to stack up against the competition. Agents who sell homes in your locale understand what sells and what doesn’t.

Home Pricing

One of the worst things you can do when selling a home is pricing it incorrectly from the start. If you price it too high, you’ll likely have to make price reductions to avoid it languishing for months on the market. Too many price discounts and buyers will start to think something is wrong with the home, and it will go unsold for even longer.

As simple as it sounds, our real estate agents know how to price a home. You pay a commission to an agent, but having one set the right listing price can save you thousands in sales proceeds if you never have to reduce your asking amount.

When an agent represents you, you’ll have someone with expertise negotiating the final sales price on your behalf. 

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Terra Point Realty Professional Service

If you’ve browsed homes for sale online, perhaps you’ve noticed the differences between some listings’ photos. It’s pretty apparent which homes are professionally photographed and which are shot with someone’s smartphone.

The same goes for staging. Some homes are professionally staged, and others appear very lived-in or disorganized. When 9 out of every ten buyers begin their home searches online, your home must create a great first impression onscreen. A real estate agent’s work often includes professional services or advice like staging and photography that you can’t get on your own without paying fees.