Cinco De Mayo!

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on May 5th.  Importantly to celebrate Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire in 1862.  Here in the U.S.  this day is celebrated more than in Mexico.  In other words, this day is connected with the celebration of Mexican – American culture.


Downtown Houston is having a parade to honor  May the 5th. It will be from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm this Sunday. Above all there are many events this weekend. For instants Trader’s Village will be having a grand celebration till 5:00 pm.

Have a fun and safe weekend!


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25 Tips For Buying Your Dream Home in 2019 – Series

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25 Tips For Buying Your Dream Home in 2019 – Series


25 tips for buying your dream home in 2019 – series continues…


10. Spread Your Debt Evenly Across Credit Accounts

Although not having any debt is favorable, few people can achieve this scenario. If you have more than one credit card, spreading your expenditures out across them can help improve your credit score. However, it is still essential to keep your balances as low as possible, particularly while trying to buy a home.

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Happy Terrific Tuesday

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Happy Terrific Tuesday!


Remember life does not have to be built to perfection to be wonderful. Just work hard, stay positive and follow your dreams. The day is always what you make of it. So why not make it Terrific!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and enjoys the rest of the week. Don’t forget it is a short week this week.


stay positive


Staying positive and working hard is the key to success.



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