Places you can go with your dogs in Houston

Places you can go with your dogs in Houston

If you are worried about the fact that you cannot take your favoutite pet anywhere then we have a solution for you. There are some amazing places that you can go with your dogs. Over the years, these parks, restaurants and bars have gained its reputation as pet friendly places. Here is a list of places that you can walk in with your dog.

Bar Boheme

From this location, you may get a cozy vibe. However, it comes with a patio garden of spacious nature where you can play with your beloved pet. For your pet, it is certainly unique alternative to strolling in parks. It is possible to hang out in front porch and yard also.

As far as menu is concerned, cuisine from all over the world can be enjoyed here. There are tons of options when it comes to drinks also. For both owner and the pet, it may seem like a mini vacation. Every Thursday, an event called ‘Cultured Cocktails’ is arranged. So, you should definitely check the calendar before going to Bar Boheme.

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

For people who have been looking for a flavorful experience can come to this local eatery which is considered as the best place to enjoy sea food. In addition, you can also get options like mussels, fish, oysters, clams, fish, sashimi and sushi along with different kinds of greens, meats and sweets. So, you may have a memorable meal with your four legged friend.


Barnaby’s is a café that has a mascot of sheepdog. So, it definitely shows that the café is pet friendly. For a relaxing morning, you can go to Baby Barnby’s and enjoy yourself on the porch of the place. They have menus like pancakes and eggs. However, you can get lasagna, steak and salad too. Casual atmosphere of the location must be appreciated by your pooch.

Danny Jackson Family Dog Park

Several parks are here in Houston for the purpose of dog strolling.  For regular exercise of beloved bet, you can go to Danny Jackson Family Dog Park. However, some other worthy mention can be Bay Area Dog Park and Millie Bush Dog Park. Most of these parks are sprawled over a huge area.

Rummy’s Beach Club

Yes, one of the special swimming clubs for your favourite pet is made in Houston which comes with the name Rummy’s Beach Club. It offers a warm pool to the dogs. In addition, there is a private park for dog which enables you to play with them for hours. Complete cover on the pool can be noticed during the winter. Therefore, it is possible to swim in them every season.