25 Tips For Buying Your Dream Home in 2019 – Series

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Tips on buying your dream home series 3.

3. Find Your Credit Score

The credit report is not going to contain your credit score. However, this number is going to impact how much you can borrow as well as influence the interest rate you are offered. Therefore, it is essential to find out what your credit score is. Typically, you can obtain your credit score from several different companies for free or for a small fee. You may even be able to get this number from your credit card company for free.

A score of 750 or more is considered to be an excellent rating. If your credit score is much lower than 700 to 750, you need to start working at trying to improve it. Ideally, you should begin this task at least three to six months before you intend to apply for pre-approval on your mortgage loan.

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