How Feng Shui Can Benefit Your Home


How Feng Shui Can Benefit Your Home

How feng shui can benefit your home!

Feng Shui is ancient art and science formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. Feng means “wind” Shui means “water.”  Wind and water are connected with good health in Chinese culture, which means good fortune. It contains multiple elements of various branches. A scholarly study, physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology. Meaning the land is alive and filled with energy (chi).

5 Elements!

Feng Shui consists of 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element is represented by different colors that help bring out the harmony into individual spaces.

Choosing a wall paint color, furniture or even accessories can affect the flow of energy into your home. Bringing the harmony of feng shui into your home can potentially increase the value of your house’s selling price.

Here are some tips on creating feng shui in your home.

Slow Down The Energy Flow –

If there is a direct line from the front door to the back, it means the energy(chi) is blowing straight through the house too fast, flying directly out the back door. You want the energy to move gracefully around the home evenly. The solution to slow this down if you have this situation put down a patterned rug on the floor, artwork, or a round table in the entry area.

Keep clutter clear –

Having clutter in your home creates an anchor that impedes great things from unfolding in our lives that can weight us down emotionally. The solution has the right organizational systems placed for everything in your life. From recycling. Paying bills and a designated spot for your keys. Doing this will make you feel lighter and more efficient.

Keep The Path To the Front Entry Clear –

Your front door is significant in feng shui, this is the leading portal through what energy enters into your home. Make sure your entryway outside is clearly lit and well marked with the address. Not having this can make you feel like your up against a wall. The solution to this is to hang a mirror in the entry.

Giving Your Guest A Reason To Pause –

Energy enters through the main portal. You do not want the energy shoot directly upstairs. The solution is to slow the energy down by adding artwork, stair runner that will cause you to pause.

Balance Five Elements –

The five elements can physically or symbolically presented in your home. The solution is to carefully look at the elements showing up in your home. They can cause an imbalance in your emotional life.

Max Natural Light –

Natural light creates us to feel happier and confident. The solution is if you do not have natural light throughout your home you can hang a mirror, but make sure it reflects more light. Re-balancing Kitchen Workstation – Having the stove across from the sink can cause conflict. That is why most experts suggest a triangular setup. Having fire across from water will just put out the fire. The solution place a wood element between your sink and stove. The water will feed the wood and wood will feed the fire. In this case, the wood will act like a mitigating element. Wood also presented as the color green.
How Feng Shui Can Benefit Your Home



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