Why You Need To Clean Your Gutters


Why You Need To Clean Your Gutters: Easy Steps For Easy Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an important process that helps to prevent the growth of mold and other forms of fungi on surfaces like your roof, windows, and gutters. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year–once in the spring and once in the fall–to prevent clogging which can lead to leaking, sagging, and broken shingles. It’s easy for you to clean your gutters yourself with these simple steps. Why you need to clean your gutters.


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Reasons why gutters need to be cleaned

Mold, fungi, and other forms of organic matter can grow in gutters to cause numerous problems. If you have a roof that leaks, clogged gutters will contribute to the problem. This leads to sagging shingles which may break over time. If your gutters are clogged enough, they may actually prevent water from flowing off your roof at all.


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Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Gutters

1. Invest in a gutter brush

Gutters are hard to reach and get into, so it’s best to invest in a gutter brush to make the process easier. You’ll be able to easily scrub down the sides of your gutters without having to use too much energy.

2. Purchase a hose with an extension nozzle

If you’re not able to reach all of your gutters, you can purchase a hose with an extension nozzle that will reach areas that you can’t usually access by hand. This is helpful because it allows you to reach places like the little spaces between your fascia boards and the bottom of your gutters.

3. Clean out the gutters onto a tarp

Cleaning out the gutters onto a tarp will make sure that they’re free from leaves and other debris that may have accumulated over time. This keeps them clear and prevents them from clogging up again quickly in case you need to clean them more frequently than twice per year.

4. Apply an anti-fungal compound on any surfaces that have mold or fungus growth

Anti-fungal compounds will prevent mold or fungus growth on surfaces like your roof, windows, and gutters where water collects for long periods of time which can lead to some serious problems down the line if left untreated. It’s comforting knowing that if there is any sign of mold or fungus growth on these surfaces, you can wipe it off with anti-fungal compound

Other Tips For Gutter Cleaning

Don’t use a ladder to clean your gutters. The ladder will likely cause damage to your roof; and the debris you pick up with it could cause further problems on your property.

Don’t use pesticides, chemicals, or commercial cleaners on your gutters. They may cause damage and are dangerous if they spill into your water system.

Don’t try to clean gutters by hand. Use a brush instead of your hands to prevent scratching surfaces and damaging them.

Make sure that you have enough water in the bucket before reaching for the hose. This will ensure that you’re not causing additional water damage; by getting too much water on top of what’s already there.

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