Can Your Neighbors Affect The Sale Of Your Home?


Whether you’re upgrading to a newer home or moving out of state, you need to take a good look at your neighbors’ homes before listing yours for sale. It’s unfortunate that not everyone takes care of their yard, maintains their home’s appearance, or is a quiet and pleasant neighbor. How your neighbors take care of, or neglect, their home can affect the sale and value of your home.

Curb Appeal

If your neighbor’s front yard lacks curb appeal, determine what things would make it look better. You don’t go to your neighbor and ask them to clean up their yard. A better idea is to pick up supplies to spruce up your own yard and mention to your neighbor that you are doing a makeover of your own property because you are planning to sell. Purchase a few extra plants and a shrub or two that you don’t need and can’t return to the nursery. Ask your neighbor if they would like them (for free), and explain you’d be happy to help them do a fun makeover in their yard with the extra plants. It’s well worth spending three or four hundred dollars on your neighbor’s yard to prevent losing a few thousand on the sale of your home. Other issues in your neighbor’s yard could include a rickety fence, crumbling walkway, or a front porch and door that needs painting. If you approach your neighbor with a willingness to cover the cost of paint and repairs, they will most likely be willing to accept your offer. If you ask them to spend money to fix up their yard to help you sell your home, expect resistance.

Behavior Problems

If your neighbors are the noisy type, play loud music, own barking dogs, argue with the windows open, or have wild parties, they will probably not be receptive to a request from you to change their ways. They may even purposely make noise when the house is being shown, so don’t take a chance on upsetting them. Most cities have noise ordinances, and you may find you need to file a report with the proper department. Often a warning from the police or animal control officer will subdue the neighbor’s annoying activities for a few weeks. In the most difficult circumstances, you may need the assistance of other neighbors to file a complaint. You are not required to disclose annoying neighbors when you list your home, and it’s quite possible the home buyer will have similar habits and get along fine with them.

Best Approach

As soon as you make the decision to sell your home, let your neighbors know. Tell them you will be doing some work on your home and yard. Being aware of what you are doing is less apt to cause any offense if you feel the need to offer some help with their own curb appeal. They’ll appreciate you offering them your leftover materials for their own improvements.

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Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Every real estate agent has had a client or two facing the problem of annoying neighbors. He or she will have some ideas and suggestions to help deflect the negativity an unruly or messy neighbor can cause. Don’t stress too much over it. Get your home ready for sale, and trust your real estate agent to know how to handle showings at the best times.

Do your part, and hopefully, your neighbor will be on their best behavior when your home is being shown to prospective buyers. If you are a good neighbor, you’ll be appreciated by the family living next door.

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